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"A reward sweeter than a chocolate truffle."

We wanted to treat ourselves and pursue our naughty dreams. The feeling is intoxicating, and everyone should experience it. Discover what it's like to be pampered, to live out your fantasies in a safe space full of sweet temptations and rewards. Explore Studio Le Velour, with its amazing range of experiences, just the way we would want to experience them ourselves.

Jenny Parable

Our favorite! Even in June, you can get to know us a little better - what do we love the most?

8 unique massages and 8 one-of-a-kind BDSM experiences

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What have you said about us?

Body to body massage with ŠARLOTA:

"...Šarlota is kind, a very pretty young brunette. Empathetic, attractive face, natural breasts. She is communicative but doesn't feel the need to chatter... I've experienced several massages and I would rate this one as highly above average..."

April 30, 2024, source

Body to body massage with LAURA:

".. Massage with Laura was great. Gentle, electrifying touches and a beautiful body made the time fly by, and 60 minutes was not enough.

I would describe the Body to Body massage as cuddly, intimate, and extremely pleasant.

Compared to the photos, Laura is even more beautiful in reality :)..."

Review from May 26, 2024 - source: website form

BDSM session with EMILY: 

"This lady really knows her way around ropes. Great energy, my knees were shaking by the end, and the journey home was really tough. Can't wait for the next time!

As for the operator, I also have to praise the excellent communication.

Highly recommend to everyone."

Review from May 24, 2024 - source: website form

Erotic experiences are no longer taboo

Erotic experiences are no longer taboo. They can bring deep relaxation as well as the intense stimulation needed to satisfy both body and soul.

All this, safely and elegantly.

Simply choose the experience that best suits your mood and needs. Are you drawn to gentle touches and a sensual show, or perhaps captivating dominance and playful surprises?

Explore our "MENU," where sweet meets spicy.

For men, women, and couples.

Erotic experiences at Studio Le Velour do not include sex in any form.

A favorite, meticulously refined experience that you'll savor like a raspberry. An erotic massage always includes a relaxing massage portion, where you get accustomed to the masseuse's touch, followed by a second part where you melt under her entire naked body during a wild erotic show with a happy ending. You don't have to do anything; during an erotic massage with us, you'll be pampered like royalty.

Our beautiful masseuses always have a smile on their lips and a sparkle in their eyes ;)

Who Plays, doesn't misbehave. BDSM has a thousand faces, and the experienced know that it's not just about cracking a whip. It can take the form of seduction, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, or even complete immobilization, submission, and worship of a Goddess.

Everyone has different fantasies, but they all share one thing - a desire for empathy and humanity. You'll find both here with us.

What is it? An erotic massage, or BDSM in sheep's clothing?

You can have it all - BDSM massage is suitable for everyone

No matter what you think of BDSM, our BDSM massage is for everyone. We gently open the drawers of your subconscious and explore what exciting secrets lie within.

BDSM massage is rooted in Body to Body, and you'll experience everything that makes Studio Le Velour unique.

Our "Chef's specialty," of which we are rightfully proud.

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Experience with us at Studio Le Velour:

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