Body to Body massage

"A sensual massage that instantly transforms into an explicit show full of intimacy and eroticism."
Vivien, at the beginning of the Body to Body massage
Vivien, at the beginning of the Body to Body massage

The price list for the Body to Body massage

60 / 90 / 120 min - 2100 / 2800 / 3700 CZK

The Body to Body massage is rightfully the most sought-after erotic massage. It allows the masseuse to showcase her artistry to the fullest. During Body to Body, she won't hold back, so prepare yourself for a breathtaking experience.

During the Body to Body massage, you can look forward to:

  • A brief conversation and refreshments
  • A private shower
  • Introductory ritual (How does the introductory ritual proceed?)
  • Massage session - we start with a relaxing oil massage focused on the neck, back, shoulders, hips, buttocks, and legs
  • Body to body - during the massage session itself, you will feel the masseuse's naked body gliding over yours. Gracefully and sensually. She will use elbows, breasts, and buttocks, instantly transforming the massage into an intimate experience. Throughout, the masseuse will also gently tease you on all the erogenous zones she discovers :)
  • Finale - After a refined progression, the massage concludes with a manual climax (don't hesitate to share your wishes with the masseuse; you can also experience climaxing with feet or breasts)
  • Short rest after the massage, shower, and farewell

During the Body to Body massage, you can enjoy spicy views, numerous touches, and the pleasant company of a beautiful and experienced masseuse. Let yourself be pampered; after the Body to Body massage, you will feel relaxed and energized.


Review of the Body to Body massage:

"...The back massage began with gentle, sensual strokes of her fingers across my back, down to my buttocks, and onto my thighs, which was incredibly pleasant. She then transitioned into a traditional back massage, which was very thorough. As she gradually moved to the lower areas (buttocks and legs), it turned more into a caress, but still very enjoyable. I complemented this physical delight with sexy glances at the body of a pretty girl and couldn't wait for the turn... She knows where her greatest assets lie and isn't afraid to use them during the massage. You'll get a full experience of everything... Overall, a very pleasant erotic experience..."

Review from February 23, 2024, source:

Did you know that...?

Our Body to Body massage is a full-fledged experience even without additional services. Popular practices such as footjob or foot fetish are included in the Body to Body price, as well as our favorite introductory ritual where the masseuse seductively undresses. Or perhaps stockings? Whether you have specific desires or want to leave everything to us, the Body to Body massage will always be sufficiently intense and imaginative.


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