Erotic massages

We play with all the senses

Erotic massage can provide the much-needed human touch and warmth that many of us lack in today's world. The foundation of an erotic massage is a relaxing or sports massage, where the masseuse massages your entire naked body "from head to toe" (or parts thereof), including intimate areas.

It can be gentle and full of tender touches, or sensually sexy. It can lean towards light BDSM, where you are guided to an even more intense experience by an experienced dominant masseuse. The imagination knows no bounds.

During an erotic massage, the focus is primarily on complete relaxation of the body and mind; there is no love or sex involved. We can see it as a fun, sexy game or show, where we only perceive the here and now... With sensual movements, we stir up energy in the body, dissolve blocked stress, and emotions.

Erotic massages are suitable for both men and women. Even couples looking to spice up their intimate moments will have an unforgettable experience with us.

Choose "yours" and make your day better ;)

At Studio Le Velour, we do not offer sexual services (intercourse, oral sex) in any form, even as an extra charge. Erotic massages and BDSM in our studio are purely experiential in nature.

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