Jenny Parable

Let yourself be guided

About me:

CZ | Age: 30 | Height: 174 cm | Weight: 68 kg | Bust: 4, enhanced | Shoe size: 42.5

Managing Studio Le Velour is both my great passion and calling. In addition to training my colleagues and overseeing the studio's operations, I am particularly devoted to BDSM. Perhaps uniquely, I began offering BDSM in the form of "gentle dominance." My sessions are thus suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals who seek closeness, creativity, and elegance in their BDSM experiences.

Feel free to share your wishes with me; I am always happy to listen, traditionally at the start of our encounter.

If BDSM doesn't appeal to you, we can explore the path of a romantic erotic massage, such as Body to Body. Together, we will find the way to a perfect experience, always with kindness and sensitivity.

I have many years of experience and have had the opportunity to speak about my approach to BDSM in the media. You can listen to podcasts or read some of the published articles.

I look forward to meeting you, Jenny

If you want to learn more about me, listen to the podcast about my relationship with BDSM: Šimrání, epizoda 9

Nationality: CZ
Languages: CZ, EN

Smoker: No

Interview with Jenny:

What do I like about massage?
I'm fascinated by how effortlessly and quickly one can break the ice and create an exciting atmosphere with someone previously unknown. And how unexpectedly delightful the massage experience can be for both parties.

What pleases me in a man?
When he remembers his good manners and lets me take the lead. And if he doesn't, a rose never hurts :)

What does my ideal day look like?
Whether the day moves at a fast pace or leisurely, it should always include a few new experiences and joys. That's why I wake up so early—I just can't wait ;)

Reviews of Jenny Parable:

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"I've visited Jenny three times, and each time was different and fun. Jenny knows well that we don't come to her with sore backs, and she doesn't even attempt a regular massage with me. It's always an hour of cuddling and teasing. To me, she's a gem. Big eyes, big breasts, big butt. But the most beautiful thing about her is her mind."

Review from October 25, 2023, source:


"I felt like Jenny knew exactly what I came for and skillfully offered it to me on a silver platter, enjoying it herself—yes, I admit, it sounds almost unbelievable. It's like a victim eagerly stuffing their valuables into a thief's pockets ;-)"

Review from February 18, 2023, source:

My other side: Today, we won't be massaging ;-)