Nuru massage

What sets our Nuru massage apart from other commonly offered Nuru massages?

  • Quality of Nuru Gel: It is essential to prepare it in the correct ratio from a high-quality base.
  • Introductory Ritual: Simply replacing massage oil with Nuru gel is not enough. The Nuru ritual is a crucial part of the full relaxation experience of a Nuru massage.
  • Trained Masseuses: All our masseuses have undergone comprehensive training in Nuru massage.

On the origin of Nuru massage (Kotobuki pub.):

"They mixed seaweed powder with hot water to create a natural lubricant - a massage gel with unique properties. This is how Nuru gel and Nuru massage originated. In this massage, the masseuse uses circular movements, primarily with her thighs, elbows, and buttocks, to stimulate blood flow and relax every strained part of the body."

Experience the original Nuru massage ritual, where the masseuse prepares the Nuru gel right in front of you in a bamboo bowl. She then applies it to her naked body, and once she is sufficiently slippery, she gracefully and confidently transfers the Nuru gel onto you. This authentic experience, inspired by the traditional Japanese ritual, is exclusively available at Studio Le Velour!

Did you know that the queen of erotic massages, the Body to Body massage, is derived from elements of Nuru massage? They are so similar, yet each has its own distinct qualities.

In Nuru massage, the masseuse doesn't use oil but instead massages with Nuru gel, which is made from Nori seaweed and serves as an excellent lubricant. It is completely pure, 100% natural, fragrance-free, and perfectly slippery.

Come and experience for yourself what makes Nuru massage different.

You will personally experience:

  • The ritual preparation of Nuru gel in Japanese style right before your eyes
  • The special technique of applying Nuru gel to your body
  • The original execution of Nuru massage, where the masseuse primarily uses her forearms, elbows, legs, and entire sexy body to massage
  • An erotic show in Japanese style

All our masseuses offer Nuru massage.

The price list for the Nuru massage

60 / 90 / 120 min - 2400 / 3600 / 4800 CZK