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If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, feel free to contact our amazing operator Veronika directly via chat.


How can I make a booking?

  • You can book an appointment at Studio Le Velour in several ways: through online chat, by phone at +420777317249, or most easily through the Reservio booking system.

    Booking via Reservio: You can access the system by clicking the red "ONLINE RESERVATION" button on the Studio Le Velour website, which will take you directly to the reservation system. You can then choose the type of erotic massage or BDSM session, select a masseuse, and pick a time slot. The available times in Reservio are updated in real-time. After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation discreet SMS, which will also include instructions for entering the salon. Or go directly here ->

    We use your phone number only for managing the reservation. The SMS will only contain the address and entry instructions for the studio. Under no circumstances do we send promotional messages.

How does the booking process work at Studio Le Velour?

  • All entry instructions for the salon are sent via a discreet SMS. At the salon, your masseuse will greet you and escort you to the massage room. You will have a brief conversation to relax and soak in the atmosphere. This is followed by a private shower, and then you will experience a unique erotic session. As part of the aftercare, you will be offered coffee, tea, or water and a second shower. The time for the erotic massage or BDSM session is counted "door to door" - from the moment you ring the bell until the door closes behind you when you leave.

    We prioritize discretion at the salon, so it is not possible to admit clients outside of their scheduled appointment times.

How far in advance should I book an appointment?

  • It depends on you. In the Reservio system, you can see the current availability of the masseuses in real-time. We plan shifts approximately 4 weeks in advance. However, we recommend booking your appointment early, as your favorite masseuse might not be available at the desired time.

What should I do if I am running late?

  • Call our operator as soon as possible at +420777317249, or send an SMS or a message via online chat or WhatsApp.

What are the cancellation policies?

  • We take reservations seriously, but we understand that unexpected things can happen. Cancelling a reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment is acceptable. If you cancel within a shorter timeframe, prepayment will be required for your next booking. The same applies if you fail to show up without notice.

How do I book a massage with two masseuses / a four-hand massage? 

  • You can book a massage with two masseuses / a four-hand massage by calling +420777317249 or through the online chat on the website Unfortunately, the reservation system does not allow booking two masseuses at the same time.

How do I communicate my preferences to the masseuse?

  • You can write your preferences in the notes section when making the reservation, or you can communicate them to the operator, who will add them to the booking. Alternatively, you can discuss your preferences directly with the masseuse on site.

How can I find out which masseuse is available?

  • You can check the availability of the masseuses in real-time through the Reservio system on our website. Alternatively, you can contact our operator via phone, online chat, or WhatsApp for up-to-date information.

Who am I chatting with? 

  • You are chatting with our wonderful operator Veronika.

Do you offer vouchers for erotic massages / BDSM sessions?

  • Yes, you can purchase gift vouchers in our online shop ->.

What is the validity of the voucher?

  • The voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

How quickly will the operator respond to my query?

  • The operator's working hours are from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, including weekends. Messages received outside of working hours will be addressed as soon as possible during the next working day.

Do you offer couple massages at your salon?

  • All our masseuses are happy to accommodate couples. Considering the depth of the experience, adequate relaxation, and the time required, we recommend at least a 90-minute erotic massage.

    Additionally, for couple massages, we highly recommend having two masseuses. To book a couple massage with two masseuses, please always contact the operator (by phone, online chat, WhatsApp, etc.). The reservation system unfortunately does not allow booking two masseuses at the same time.

Do you also massage women?

  • Yes, and we are very happy to do so :). The specific course of the massage is always agreed upon with the masseuse.


Is the masseuse nude during the erotic massage?

  • The specifics depend on the type of erotic massage chosen. For an Erotic Relax massage, the masseuse remains in erotic lingerie throughout the session. For erotic massages such as body to body, nuru, and lingam, the masseuse undresses completely. In a BDSM session, the dominatrix wears thematic attire, with further details based on individual agreement.

How many climaxes can I have?

  • The number of climaxes is unlimited with us, but we usually aim for one big happy ending during the erotic experience. Delaying orgasm is also very sexy...

Can I touch the masseuse? Where can I touch her?

  • You can touch the masseuse on her buttocks, thighs, breasts, and stomach... as long as she is comfortable with it. Touching the masseuse's intimate areas is not allowed with us.

Is it possible to purchase a piss add-on with the massage?

Yes, some of our masseuses provide a piss service (you can find them here ->). We recommend noting this in your reservation.

Can I kiss the masseuse?

  • No.

Can the masseuse wear stockings?

Yes, of course, just let us know in advance or ask the masseuse on-site.

Do you offer facesitting?

Yes, through underwear.

Is Pussycat available with you?

No, we do not provide oral sex in our salon.

What is the difference between a BDSM session and a BDSM massage?

  • A BDSM massage is based on a body to body massage. You can enjoy the elements and show of a body to body massage but with a more dominant approach from the masseuse. During a BDSM massage, the masseuse also explores various practices such as sensory deprivation, light bondage, teasing, and edging... and develops what you enjoy the most.

    A BDSM session with a dominatrix is conducted individually with a personalized approach to your needs. Each session is unique according to the client's preferences. A BDSM session does not include a massage.

Do you offer feminization? How does it work? Can you provide me with the items?

The specifics are always arranged on-site. We are happy to lend you clothing, and we have women's shoes up to size 44.

Is it possible to book erotic wrestling with you?

Yes, all our masseuses can perform erotic wrestling. Please book it as a "BDSM massage/session."

Which masseuse is the most dominant?

Each of our masseuses is dominant in her own unique way. It also depends on what you expect and prefer from a BDSM session/massage. If you need help choosing a dominatrix, please contact our operator, who will be happy to assist you.

Will the dominatrix be dressed in leather/latex/lack?

If you have a request for a special fetish outfit, please contact our operator, who will go over the options available for each masseuse with you.

Can I book anal play/prostate massage with you? What equipment do you have?

  • Anal play is included in the price of a BDSM session/massage. You can discuss your specific wishes with the masseuse on-site. We have a wide variety of anal toys - vibrating and non-vibrating, small and large... just choose what you like :)

    For other erotic massages (body to body, nuru massage, lingam massage), we offer anal play/prostate massage as an add-on service. For Erotic Relax massages, anal play/prostate massage is not available, even for an additional fee.

What roleplay options do you offer? How does it work?

We love roleplay! We intentionally don't provide a list because the possibilities are endless. Please include your idea in the reservation notes, and you can discuss the details with the masseuse on-site.

Do you offer shibari?

  • Shibari is very popular with us. Our top specialist in shibari is Emily, who is also an instructor.

Is electroplay available with you?

Yes, in our salon we use the Mystim device, which comes with several different attachments/electrodes.


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