I don't need to ask, your body will tell me everything...

About me:

CZ | Age: 27 | Height: 160 cm | Weight: 51 kg | Bust: 1, natural | Shoe size: 37

Long hair, gentle curves, and an experienced touch - meet Vivien. Erotic massages are Vivien's passion, and you will sense her experience and empathy from the very first minute.

Vivien is graceful and will literally dance around you - as a dancer, she has a slim, firm body and can turn every moment into an amazing spectacle. 

What did Vivien write about her favorite massage?:

"My favorite massage is body to body. During this massage, I perceive your sensations with my entire body and better sense what you like or dislike. I tend to play with the build-up, and thanks to your reactions, I know how fast and how far I can take the story. I don't always need to ask; your body will tell me."

Vivien also gets along great with women and couples, where you will appreciate her individual approach and ability to improvise. Each of your visits will become unforgettable.

Nationality: CZ
Languages: CZ, EN

Smoker: No

Interview with Vivien:

What do I like about massage? 

Erotic massage has a significant spiritual and therapeutic meaning for me, and my goal is for you to leave with the same feeling. It's a journey through your imagination, a short story where everyone has their role. I enjoy that the story is a little different each time and that I have the opportunity to meet interesting personalities.

How can a man make me happy? 

I am definitely pleased when he fully trusts me and isn't afraid to be honest with me. I love a sense of humor and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and chocolate always helps with that ;)

What does my ideal day look like? 

I am a dancer, so it undoubtedly involves some artistic or physical activity or a cultural experience. When there's room for good food and sitting in a café, it's an ideal day.

Reviews of Vivien:

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"Vivien is not only beautiful, but she truly enjoys giving massages. I can't wait to be in her care again..."

Review from 19.05.2024, source: website form


"The massage is absolutely perfect. It's great when someone loves their job this much, and on top of that, she's a beautiful, smart, and kind lady. Just a warning: her massages are highly addictive, and it's easy to become dependent on them."

Review from 23.04.2024, source: website form


"Hi Vivien,

I was very glad to meet you last Sunday. Your eyes, your mouth, your smile, your hands. You are absolutely the best of the best. Sometimes I write, so hopefully this finds a place in your soul, as it did in mine. If I ever may wipe a tear from your face, I would be speechless with love again, screaming into the pillow for hours, running to the rocks, under the gate of heaven, and in every night dream, I would see you, as the lock slowly and futilely unlocks.

Without words, I will scream your name into the silence..."

Review from 21.04.2024, source: website form

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