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About me:

CZ | Age: 23 | Height: 165 cm | Weight: 73 kg | Breasts: 4, enhanced | Shoe size: 39

Always smiling, with a talent for improvisation and tenderness. Lucie loves to show off and is constantly coming up with new ways to avoid boredom.

Lucie has a body made for everything sexy. Long hair, firm, full cleavage, an alluring gaze, and a touch of exhibitionism are her trademarks.

Lucie thoroughly enjoys erotic massages. She gets along very well with women and loves to massage them. She also enjoys couple massages or four-hand massages, where she invites a colleague to join her.

Come and enjoy a sexy show in her experienced performance.

Nationality: CZ, Languages: CZ, EN

Smoker: No

Interview with Lucie: 

What do I enjoy about massage? 

I love seeing a man appreciate my affection. It completely mesmerizes him :)

How can a man please me? 

Pineapples! I love them. Better than flowers, better than chocolates! Yes, I even put them on pizza.

What does my ideal day look like? 

A bit of rest, a bit of action, lots of good food, ending with a pipe and sex (of course, in private)... That's the best.

Reviews of Lucie:

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"...After we stripped Lucie of the only piece of clothing she was wearing, we pressed tightly against each other, and I already knew that Lucie was a very cuddly kitten. She laid me on my stomach, smeared my back with hot oil, and gradually started to slide all over me, moving and posing in various ways in front of the mirror. After a thorough sports massage, it was time to turn onto my back, where Lucie cuddled up to me from the side, followed by various stroking, cuddling, teasing, and scratching in the tangle of our bodies...."

Review from March 11, 2024, source


"...The back massage began with gentle, sexy strokes of her fingers over my back, down to my buttocks and thighs, a very pleasant technique. Then she moved into a classic back massage, which was very thorough. As she gradually moved to lower areas (buttocks and legs), it transitioned more into caressing, but very pleasant. This physical delight was, of course, complemented by sexy views of a beautiful girl's body, and I couldn't wait to turn over... She knows where her greatest assets are and isn't afraid to use them during the massage. You'll get a generous amount of everything... Overall, a very pleasant erotic experience..."

Review from February 23, 2024, source


"...That girl has charm. That girl has a sense of humor. She feels like a reward. There is no doubt that Lucie can massage with determination and healthy confidence... Lucie can empathize with your body so much that she slowly leads you into such a nirvana that you won't know what's happening, and you'll start writhing in spasms of pure passion and excitement... She is a girl who understands the essence of massage, who understands the power of feminine curves, and who is certainly not unfamiliar with the mentioned more dominant role. Thank you very much, dear Lucie, for countless wonderful spicy moments..."

Review from January 5, 2024, source

My other side: When Lucie stops smiling...