Lingam massage

"Massage focused on stimulating the most sensitive erogenous zones"
Laura has skillful hands
Laura has skillful hands

The price list for the Lingam massage

30 / 45 / 60 / 90 min - 1600 / 1900 / 2200 / 3000 CZK

Lingam massage is much more than just stimulation of the penis. It takes the best from the Body to Body massage and takes its intimate part one step further. Just like with Body to Body, you will experience cuddling and favorite gliding, just with a much faster start.

While the back massage is missing, there is more time for prolonged stimulation of the penis using several different techniques aimed at relaxation, gathering energy, stimulating sensitivity, and increasing the intensity of climax.

During the Lingam massage, you can look forward to:

  • A brief conversation and refreshments
  • Private shower
  • Introduction ritual (How does the introduction ritual go?)
  • Body to Body - after the initial seduction, the masseuse won't keep you waiting for long. You will feel her naked body gliding over yours, gracefully and sensually. She will engage her breasts and buttocks, creating a perfectly intimate atmosphere. Throughout, the masseuse will gently stimulate all the erogenous zones she discovers.
  • Lingam technique - a massage technique focused on the groin, inner thighs, perineum, testicles, and penis, aimed at increasing sensitivity and depth of experience. The goal is to approach orgasm to the edge and stay there for as long as possible.
  • Finale - after a refined escalation, the massage concludes with manual climaxing (don't hesitate to communicate your desires to the masseuse; you can also experience climaxing with the feet or breasts).
  • Short rest after the massage, shower, and farewell.

An integral part of Lingam massage is delaying orgasm or experiencing multiple climaxes. Simply communicate your preference to the masseuse at the beginning of the massage.

With Lingam massage, we recommend trying prostate massage as well, which you can find in our additional services.

How does it feel..?

During a delayed orgasm, you feel an intense concentration of energy in your groin, lower abdomen, and penis. You might experience tingling in your fingers, lips, and entire face. The subsequent orgasm is very intense and lasts longer, which is why Lingam massage is a highly sought-after art that requires great skill and sensitivity.


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