Tenderness with a touch of spiciness...

About me:

CZ | Age: 33 | Height: 162 cm | Weight: 65 kg | Bust: 4, enhanced | Shoe size: 39

Isabel is an experienced masseuse who, in addition to her delicate beauty and skill, possesses great empathy and support that you can rely on during every massage session with her. Isabel has a cheerful nature, and her smiles are truly contagious :)

With her pleasant confidence, she will guide you through your chosen massage, whether it's her favorite Body to Body massage or the more intense Lingam massage.

Once you place yourself in Isabel's hands, she will eagerly explore all the ways to, as she says, take you to "seventh heaven." Isabel also loves to massage women and couples, always creating an unforgettable experience for them.

Nationality: CZ
Languages: CZ, EN

Smoker: No

Interview with Isabel:

What do I like about massage? 

I love the intimacy and building trust, feeling the energy flowing between us. I enjoy the magical atmosphere when you walk through the door, where I welcome you, and suddenly we find ourselves in another world where it's just the two of us. You let me guide you and forget the worries of everyday life. :)

How can a man please me? 

I greatly appreciate good manners, a smile, and a pleasant scent. If he wants to make me extra happy, I always welcome a beautiful flower, quality dark chocolate, or a candle. :)

What does my ideal day look like? 

My ideal day: Waking up without an alarm, surrounded by nature, enjoying a hearty breakfast, and then heading out for a hike in the mountains, where I love to recharge. After returning, I stretch at the gym, relax in the sauna, and finally, go to a restaurant for a great dinner and a glass of fine wine. :)

Reviews of Isabel:

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"...While lying on your stomach, you're simply in a passive role, relying only on the sensation of touch and perhaps the image in the mirror. But here, you forget the mirror, and what you gain is direct eye contact and, most importantly, the ability to touch. And there is plenty to touch – Isabel has a beautiful body, by then covered in a layer of oil reflecting colorful lights – making you feel like you've met this girl in a dark corner of a club. Isabel enhances the game by sitting down and pouring warm oil on herself, which you, of course, must help spread correctly! Isabel maintains her role throughout this part, completely captivating you with her gaze and broad smile...

I went for this massage primarily for relaxation, and I certainly got that and much more. Isabel created an atmosphere that exceeded my expectations and, besides relaxation, even recharged me with new energy – I don't know if she just hit the right wave or if she has a sixth sense for it, but she managed to do it.…."

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