Studio Le Velour

Professional erotic salon in Prague-Vinohrady

"A treat sweeter than a chocolate truffle."

Sensual Experiences. Perhaps you've only recently heard about them. Maybe you've been dreaming of them for a while. You'd like to visit an erotic salon and experience it firsthand. But you might have some reservations, wondering if it's right for you.
Rest assured, our erotic massages at Studio Le Velour are renowned for the empathetic and highly professional approach of our masseuses, who are exceptionally good at what they do.

Each massage is personalized to some extent

Our masseuses are women with a capital "W." They are incredibly empathetic, exude great energy, and are undeniably sexy. They take their work very seriously and approach individual wishes with respect, even if your wish is to "leave the massage entirely to her discretion." They also regularly attend seminars and workshops to always be prepared for your desires and hidden wishes.

Because we know that our clients, like us, enjoy a bit of playfulness and spice, at Studio Le Velour, you can regularly indulge in our special offerings.

Not sure what that means?

For example, in September, we were "back to school" together, in December, you could unwrap a masseuse as a Christmas gift, or in March, we heightened your senses with a massage in the dark...

Our clients include men, women, and couples who come to us to relax their bodies, recharge their energy, release accumulated tension, and resolve various types of blocks. We've often heard that thanks to us, their sex lives have improved and they feel more confident. And we're rightfully proud of that!

SENSUAL EXPERIENCES: Cuddling vs. Denial

How does it work? At Studio Le Velour, we specialize in Body to Body massages, Lingam massages, and BDSM massages with light BDSM elements.

Body to Body Massages:

All our masseuses are trained sports masseuses, so they truly know how to massage your body to achieve complete relaxation. A Body to Body massage is a balanced combination of a relaxing massage, where a beautiful woman massages the client with her entire body, and an erotic show that fully stimulates the senses.

Lingam Massages:

This special massage is for men who want to pamper just their penis in every possible way. Lingam massage requires the skills of adept masseuses, and our masseuses are certainly that.

BDSM Massages:

BDSM massages are a completely different level of massage. You can think of it as a Body to Body massage, but not as gentle, rather slightly spicy, spiced with BDSM elements. However, don't expect to be greeted with a whip at the door without warning. NOT AT ALL! ;) We approach this massage with respect and always consult limits with our clients first.

Is visiting an erotic salon right for you?

Erotic massages are primarily about physical contact. There is no love or sex involved in any form. It is a way to relax and relieve tension in the body. Sometimes it's just a massage, gentle caressing, and tender touches, other times it's an erotic show or game. Whether it's in the form of Roleplay or a massage with BDSM elements.

Thanks to erotic massages, your overall well-being improves, stress levels decrease, and we bet you'll sleep a bit better too ;).

We believe that with us, you'll lose track of time and look forward to another incredible erotic experience at Studio Le Velour!

"Not every masseuse is the same. Erotic massage is an art that demands not only time and experience but also great talent and empathy. There's chemistry involved, reading souls, uncovering secret desires... and last but not least, the art of massage itself.

That's why we love it. The improvisation, playfulness, naked bodies, touches, and intimacy. That's why our massages have such drive."

Jenny Parable


We maintain our services at a professional level.

We approach client requests individually and with respect. We can tailor the massage according to the client's wishes.


At the address of our studio, you won't find any signs or labeled doorbells. After confirming your reservation, you will receive entry instructions. We always ensure that you only meet with your masseuse at the scheduled time.


You can book with us via online chat, phone, WhatsApp, or through the online booking system Reservio, where you will find the exact current schedule of each masseuse.


After each client, we change the bed linen and disinfect the massage room. A perfectly clean bathroom, toilet, an abundance of towels, and hygiene supplies are standard with us.

Do you have any questions? We have answers.

Studio Le Velour

Erotic Salon

náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, Praha 3

Opening Hours: 9:00 - 22:00

How to Reach Us:

By Car - Parking available at OC Atrium Flora (approximately 8 minutes walk from there) or in mixed zones on Vinohradská Street.

Public Transport - Tram and bus stop Jiřího z Poděbrad, Vinohradská vodárna, Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station (Line A). On Foot - About 5 minutes from Žižkovská Tower, with plenty of good restaurants and cafes/wine bars nearby. The square hosts popular farmers' markets during the week :)