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"Signature Experience of Studio Le Velour"

You probably know that in addition to our classic offerings of erotic massages, such as Body to Body or Lingam Massage, we also introduce a limited special massage each month enriched with an interesting twist or addition.

However, one of these stood out as something exceptional. This fan-favorite limited edition has now become our permanent specialty. Perfectly refined and brought to perfection, each of us delivers it uniquely, showcasing our artistry and creativity.

What makes it so special? Each of our ladies has crafted her own personalized massage, adding something extra that is closest to her heart.

You have never been closer to us; discover the essence of each of us.

9 Ladies, 9 Unique Massages

EMILY - Sensual Nuru ritual

Emily loves to dance. During this Nuru massage, you'll enjoy an extended introductory Nuru ritual in the form of an energetic, sensual, and exciting dance, just for you. Emily will seduce and enchant you with perfect ease.

ISABEL - In the Whirl of Tango

Transport yourself to the dance floor with Isabel for a few moments. She will welcome you in fiery red lingerie and dance shoes, turning the initial ritual before the massage into a sexy, rhythmic tango, whether you know the steps or not. :) This is followed seamlessly by a Body to Body massage.

JENNY - Masseuse's masseuse

A Body to Body massage with an interesting twist – halfway through the sensual show, switch roles with Jenny and massage her curves from her breasts to her buttocks! (within standard rules)

KAROLÍNA - Tantalizing thrill

Karolína has curves and a slim figure that many envy. She has taken the Body to Body massage to the next level – she removes her lingerie gradually, during a well-thought-out erotic show, keeping you perfectly on edge. The cherry on top is the sensual scented oil (optional).

LAURA - Romance in embrace

The light of many candles, romantic music, Laura's soft embrace, and gentle caresses... Laura has crafted the Body to Body massage to feel like a date. A large part of it consists of cuddling and your favorite GFE (Girlfriend Experience).

LUCIE - Look here :)

Lucie is fully aware of her assets and loves to use them. A Body to Body massage focused on touches and breast play, ending with a boobjob! You'll have plenty of fun together, and her beautiful breasts will stay in your mind for a long time.

ŠARLOTA - The Blaze of Burning Passion

During this Body to Body massage, you'll sweat with pleasure. Hot massage oil with a drop of cinnamon essence (optional) ensures perfect blood flow to the massaged muscles. Then, Šarlota adds an aphrodisiac warming gel to enhance your arousal. Are you feeling the heat yet?

VIVIEN - Cabaret in your hands

In her free time, Vivien enjoys dancing and loves to sway to the rhythm of music even during a massage. Enjoy a burlesque-style striptease where Vivien removes her sexy corset and luxurious lingerie for your maximum arousal. This is followed by a Lingam massage, so you won't have to take your eyes off Vivien.

ZUZANA - Zero Distance Gymnastics

Zuzana's touch is confident and assured. Admire her athletic physique during an even more dynamic and imaginative Body to Body session, consisting of an intensely powerful sports massage and an almost dance-like erotic show on your body.

How to Book Our Favorite?

Booking "Our Favorite" is incredibly simple through the online Reservio system. Just select the product "Our Favorite - Special Erotic Massage" and then choose your preferred lady in the next step. This means you'll be choosing a specific "Favorite" (for example, you cannot book Vivien's "Cabaret on the Palm" from Zuzana). You can also make a reservation via the online chat here on the website, where our operator will be happy to assist you with your selection.

For Jenny, book the "Jenny Parable" service in Reservio and mention in the notes that you're interested in her "Favorite."

Review of "Our Favorite" Massage:

"...The entire experience, special costume, and approach made it one of the most unique massages I have ever had. I can definitely recommend Vivien, and I will likely visit her again when there is an interesting event at Le Velour."

Review from June 30, 2024, source: tapky.info

Price List for "Our Favorite - Special Erotic Massage":

60 minutes - 2,400 Kč

90 minutes - 3,100 Kč

Jenny Parable:

Book as "Massage/Session with Jenny Parable" and note in the comments that you are interested in the "Our Favorite" massage.

60 minutes - 2.800 CZK

90 minutes - 4.200 CZK


Before "Our Favorite" could be created, each of us reflected on what we love most about our work and how to best present it to you. You won't find anything like it anywhere else; "Our Favorite," infused with the soul of each of our ladies, can be experienced exclusively at Studio Le Velour.


Feel free to utilize our online chat located in the bottom right corner, where our all-knowing, live operator will gladly assist you :-)

"A reward sweeter than a chocolate truffle."

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