Erotic Masseuses

Our touch is electrifyingly sensual...

The team at Studio Le Velour consists of carefully selected and fully trained erotic masseuses for whom the art of sensuality is a lifestyle and personal passion.

Professionalism is a given with each of our masseuses, so you can entrust yourself to any one of them. 

Every masseuse at our studio masters the complete repertoire of Studio Le Velour. They also regularly attend workshops and continually improve their skills.

Although each of them is unique, together they create the original and beloved atmosphere of Studio Le Velour—friendly approach, openness, and a desire for new, exciting experiences.

We guarantee a meeting with the masseuse you book. All photos are 100% authentic.

At Studio Le Velour, we do NOT offer sexual services (sex, oral sex) in any form, not even for an additional fee. Erotic massages and BDSM lessons in our studio are purely experiential.