Let's vibrate! Limited adventure July 2024


"All the nerves in your body tingle, and some more than others :)"

LET'S VIBRATE - A Unique Limited Edition You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Although we know that there's nothing quite like a manual intimate massage and stimulation, we've decided to enhance your experience in July with a new dimension. Discover that vibrating massage wands aren't just for women and let our masseuse stimulate every nerve with gentle, customized vibration. Our equipment features the latest vibrators from brands like leWand, Palmpower, and BOOM. From our experienced hands, you can experience both external and internal prostate massages.

LET'S VIBRATE - Body to body massage

Favorite Erotic Massage with the Use of a Massage Wand

What can you expect?

During the Body to Body massage, the masseuse will incorporate the use of a vibrating wand on the penis, with intensity and duration tailored to your needs and sensations.

The vibrating wand can be used for orgasm denial, perineum stimulation, or even on the nipples—everyone experiences its use differently, and it's up to our skill to find the most suitable method just for you!

Prostate massage with a specialized vibrator?

Yes! With this limited-time offer, you can also try a prostate vibrator, specially shaped for comfortable and effective prostate stimulation.

Vibrating prostate massage is also the easiest way to achieve a prostate orgasm!

Prostate massage using a prostate vibrator is an additional service for 500 Kč on top of the massage price. Simply mention prostate massage in the notes when booking the limited-time offer, or inform the masseuse on-site.

LET'S VIBRATE - BDSM Massage/session

BDSM Massage or Session with the Use of Not Only a Massage Wand

What can you expect?

Traditionally, you also have the option to experience the "limited edition" in a BDSM format this time. And there's plenty to choose from! Whether the dominant lady teases you with intense stimulation while immobilized, or you opt for a vibrating strap-on, prostate vibrator, or vibrating dilator, one thing is certain - this experience will leave your ears ringing for a long time ;)

POT - Post orgasm torture

One of the lesser-known practices that is perfect for vibrator use is POT, which stands for post-orgasmic torture. During POT, the penis is stimulated even after orgasm, resulting in an extremely intense experience bordering on masochism, followed by deep relief once the sensations subside.

POT is definitely not for everyone, but if you want to try this specialty, now you know about it and can request it!

The specific course of the "VIBRUJEME" session is arranged with the lady/Dominatrix. In this experience, everything is included in the price (including the prostate vibrator). The final form is always at the discretion of the lady/Dominatrix, tailored to your boundaries and experience.

Of course, perfect hygiene and safety are paramount when using any toy - we use disposable condoms on vibrating wands and all anal toys, and everything is carefully disinfected after use.

VIBRUJEME - Body to body massage, 60 min - 2400 CZK

VIBRUJEME - Body to body massage, 90 min - 3100 CZK

VIBRUJEME - BDSM Session/massage, 60 min - 2600 CZK

VIBRUJEME - BDSM Session/massage, 90 min - 3900 CZK